The Santa Fe was originally a train station in Dumas, Texas, a small town in West Texas. The Dumas Depot, as it was known, was built in 1931 and served patrons from around the United States. The Dumas Depot was part of the Santa Fe Railway, one of the largest railroads in the U.S. at the time.

In the early 2000s, the Dumas Depot was trucked in from West Texas and found a new home in Austin, Texas. The Dumas Depot was renovated and restored to look and feel just like it was when it was a stop along the Santa Fe Railway. Maintaining the original character and staying true to the rich history of the building was of the utmost importance when rebuilding. The Santa Fe features vaulted ceilings, sliding barn doors, original wood floors, and beautiful tall windows.

Our additions to this beautiful building started in 2019 to transform the train station into a modern gathering space with a southwestern flare. The freight room is now perfect for cocktail hour, rehearsal dinners, and dancing.